Sometimes life's challenges and transitions get the better of us.

The truth is, managing our relationships and the expectations placed on us by others, society, and even ourselves, can be overwhelming. We're often left wondering how we got to this point, and how we can get passed it. People shouldn't have to go through this alone.
If you are reading this, congratulations, you've taken the first step towards finding a safe place, a sound framework, and the opportunity to make a change in your life. I encourage you to take the second step and click below to begin.
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How I can Help

Hi, I'm Rose,
I'm a registered psychotherapist (RP), and I believe that finding support that suits you and your journey towards improved mental health is fundamental. I'm passionate about helping individuals, leadership teams, and family businesses that find themselves experiencing a disconnect due to stress, anxiety, or depression, and want to make a change. If you're feeling stuck or overwhelmed, support is available. If you'd like to talk, I'm here.

My Professional Services

Psychodynamic Therapy
Psychotherapy or talk therapy is learning about your moods, feelings, thoughts, and behaviours. This can lead to a developed sense of emotional intelligence, and a deeper understanding of yourself, when navigating life's journey.

Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where business creates conflict with our relationships. Whether it’s your family run business, or stakeholders in a corporation, when conflict arises, it’s important to both consider and plan for how these relationships are managed towards resolution, so that businesses and the individuals involved flourish.

Executive Coaching
Sometimes we have trouble reaching specific goals in our lives. We can see it, but for whatever reason, we can’t quite get there. Executive Coaching offers a framework for setting, measuring, and taking specific actions towards reaching our goals with the added benefit of an objective perspective of a coach.

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The Next Step (Just as easy as step 1.)

The path to change always begins with a significant and deliberate action. In this case, it's a very simple one. There won't be any jumping through hoops, you just need to complete the form below to send me a direct email, and I'll be in touch shortly.

The Process

I get it. The challenges we face are unique to us, and they depend heavily on our relationships, our history, and past events. That's why finding the path forward will be an experience unique to you specifically. This process will be tailored to your individual needs and goals.


Ideally this path leads to transformation. What would your life look like if you were able to move passed your current state, towards having developed a heightened understanding of yourself, that allowed you to experience more joy in relationships, to manage conflict effectively, and the ability to establish healthy boundaries with others?

Signs it might be time to talk

Have you ever described yourself as feeling "stuck"
in a relationship, career, or any other way?

Are you struggling
to manage a stressful situation?

Do you struggle with feelings
of anger, guilt, or shame?

Are you uncomfortable talking about your feelings,
or even the fact that the word 'feelings' exists?